By Larry Austin:

The seasonal workload for the crew at the Island Ship Center increases in December, but so does their gratitude, empathy, and collaboration.

Case in point, the crew of the Island Ship Center went off-site to provide service to a valued guest last week during some of the busiest shipping days of the year.

The Island Ship Center conducted a large specialty move job over the weekend with its White Glove service. A video of the work Seema and Fahim Mojawalla and their ISC team did was posted on Dec. 16 on the ISC YouTube Channel. The video, called “Making Memories With Mady’s Specialty Move Job,” shows what Fahim Mojawalla called a “high-end specialty move” for Mady, a diamond-level guest.

The work is the tail end of a move that the ISC had been undertaking for their client for about six months.

Mojawalla said the crew went to an Island home and took all the antiques, clothes, artwork, etc., and packed it on-site in preparation for transport. Some were bound for a storage unit and some the Island Ship Center was preparing for shipment a week later. During the summer of 2021, the Island Ship Center team will transport the personal belongings to a destination on the East Coast.

The crew had a truck rented and arrived at the house with manpower and supplies.

“We got our amazing crew and team here. More people on the way,” Fahim said. “We got the truck rented and we got all the supplies. Boxes are coming.”

“At the Island Ship Center, we take pride in establishing whole-hearted relationships with our guests. Each and every service that we offer will be done with professional-level effort. Our ‘Moving Jobs’ will be versatile and customized to your needs.”

Naturally, the holiday season is also the busiest part of the year for the Island Ship Center.

“It is December,” Mojawalla said. “It is our busiest season. But Mady, our client, she’s an amazing woman, and her family’s amazing. … We never do any move jobs in December, but we decided to take care of this now because it had to be done. It’s a time-sensitive issue. So we’re gonna go get it done.”

“Operating these move jobs in the winter months is rare, however, but for our friend, Mady, we would do anything. Mady’s generosity allowed us the opportunity to take part in her life by transporting her personal items to another destination on the Island.”

The crew had specific instructions about what goes, what doesn’t go, what to pack, and how to pack it. Additional items moved were clothing, books, Legos, trophies, all childhood memories.

“The client’s mother died a few years ago because of a battle with cancer. And this is super important to us to be as empathic and collaborative as possible in doing these moves,” Mojawalla said.

The endeavor illustrates that the Island Ship Center’s business is more than just shipping something from Point A to Point B.

“Hearing your stories is what makes us happy,” Fahim said. “Through our business, we look forward to strengthening our relationships with each and every guest and enhancing their experience through a variety of our offerings.”

Mojawalla said this particular job was “really important. This is part of what we do in terms of making memories for people. These memories live on even after the guest is gone, and that’s why we do what we do.”

Post by Larry Austin