Holiday shipping is just around the corner and here are some excellent tips to remember when shipping for the holidays:

  1. Be sure to ship early (right after Thanksgiving), so that you don’t have to pay expedited shipping fees and you don’t have to stand in long lines!
  2. Try to ship items that can easily fit in small to medium sized boxes so that you avoid dimensional weight (which is computed by the dimensions of a box vs the actual weight of it). So, if your grandson has to have that odd shaped toy this year, then think about sending him a gift certificate to a Toys R Us.
  3. Try to avoid shipping on Mondays & Fridays if you can because these two days are the busiest of the week.
  4. Try to find out the shipping rate online before you go to the nearest shipping outlet so that you can know how much extra you’re being charged, especially if the store has surcharges.
  5. Make sure to pack the box well and if you need packaging advice, ask us BEFORE sealing up the box.  Most items get damaged in transit due to insufficient packaging.

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