Mr. James Parkinson II, the father of one of my clients, passed away recently; you might have seen his house on Staley Road with the large lighthouse in the front. His son’s name is also Mr. James Parkinson (the III). The son flew from Louisiana for the funeral and wanted to take back some important family relics, one of them being his grandfather’s mechanical engineering portrait from Ohio State in 1926, which showed all the graduates in one large frame. He and his wife came by the store (before their flight) to allow my wife and me the opportunity to safely pack and ship the important items from his family’s history.

Parkinson Items

Another item was a model sailboat, very ornate and fragile, yet quite exquisite and beautiful to look at. It had to be packed very carefully to be shipped. Thankfully, it was received well too.

Parkinson Sailboat


Also included in the lot of precious items were small model lighthouses, collected over the years by the late Mr. Parkinson.

Parkinson Items LighthousesAnd, of course, the largest lighthouse was included in this shipment; this piece was a smaller replica of the lighthouse that we see while driving by the house on Staley Road.

Parkinson Lighthouse

After the items arrived, Mrs. Parkinson, the daughter in law of the deceased, emailed some kind words to us, which I will share below:

My husband’s heritage showed up in one piece (7 boxes) All were packed great.
The sailboat was done meticulously Thank You Seema. All is here, now I get to dust it!
Thank you So Much, N. Parkinson

Thank you again for allowing us to share joy and create more wonderful memories for so many people.

With effervescence and mirth,

Fahim Mojawalla

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