I’m always elated and honored when I receive a cool and interesting packaging project. Nowadays, it happens quite often.  Some of my clients think that I will have a reality show one day and we’ll call it “The Shipping Boss” (LOL).  But for now, at least I can share my pack & ship adventures through this blog with my faithful readers.

Without further delay, the winner of the 2013 packaging (and shipping) job of the year, is (Drum roll please)…:

A handmade, beautiful rocking horse (made in the 40’s), packed carefully and shipped with love to a 4 year old in Las Vegas, NV!

He was overjoyed to receive it but I think my wife & I were even happier to send it. I was truly honored to have received this opportunity.  The man who carved this beautiful piece is still alive and came with his daughter into my store to drop off the piece.

He called the horse, “AMERICA.”  I told him, before he left, “Don’t worry, sir, I will take good care of America for you!” He laughed openly and thanked me profusely.

After 3.5 hours of packing, the box was picked up by UPS on the 13th of Dec and was delivered safely on the 20th.

I will let you enjoy the pictures below to admire this project for yourself.  They were sent by the boy’s parents, who also sent me videos of the child opening the box with his father.  You can see the videos on our Facebook page.

RockingHorsewithJackson2 RockingHorsePackedandOpenedRockingHorsePacked

Thank you again for the opportunity to be of service. I love what I do and I love my clients!

With effervescence and mirth,

Fahim Mojawalla

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