Not long ago, we were all extremely conscious of cleaning our hands and making sure we were germ free, and rightfully so. We saw the benefit of that one action in preventing the spread of viruses. Let us implore you now to clean your houses, dorms, office spaces and businesses of all the clutter too so that you can destress your minds.

Did you know that ID theft is a growing problem in the US and that shredding your old documents is great way to prevent that theft from occurring? Most of us do have personal shredders at home, but what can you do when you have years of documents to discard? Try our secure shredding service that is safe, quick and backed by the security of Shred-It, one of the largest privacy protection corporations in the world.

We are honored and happy to provide this service for so many of our guests, on and off the Island.

Our locked bins (inside a locked room) safely contain all your discarded documents until a truck arrives from Shred-it, once a month, and shreds every piece to a pulp, on site and in front of one of our team members. Then, they electronically provide us with a certificate of destruction so that we know all your documents have been destroyed completely and properly.

Since we offer this service as part of our business, we can provide deeper discounts to our guests than if they go directly to Shred-it and call them to their residence or place of business.

As always, thank you for your trust and continue to clean your mind, body, and your paperwork.

With incessant gratitude and efficacious grace,

Fahim & Seema Mojawalla, Co-Owners

Island Ship Center

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