Welcome to January, the month of RETURNS!

As we recuperate from a winter storm here in the Northeast, here are some easy tips to make your package returns easy and painless:

1) When returning a box with a prepaid label, make sure to always keep a copy of the tracking label so that you can track it at the end of day.  On our site, you can track packages from all carriers using the package tracking link on the top right of the page.

Sample Return Labels from FedEx UPS and USPS

2) When returning packages from certain large online retailers like Amazon or LL Bean, your tracking number is always available either on your online account (for Amazon) or on your printed receipt (as in the case of LL Bean).  Make sure you keep a copy of that tracking number until your item is delivered.

amazonreturns boxes

3) Some companies require an RMA (or RA or RAN) #, which is an authorization number for returns, and they require that you write that number clearly on the box.  Please make sure that you write that number clearly on the package with a black, permanent marker, even if the number is already printed on the return label.  We have had cases of items returned BACK TO US because the return authorization # was not clearly visible to the person handling incoming shipments at the warehouse!


4) Make sure your item is delivered before you call the company for credit. Sometimes, especially with USPS parcel returns, your item may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.  Many companies are now using bulk return methods through the US Postal Service in order to save costs. However, these returns (although efficient and reliable), do take much longer to be delivered to the company; so, please be patient in receiving your credit.

5) If you are paying to ship back your return yourself, make sure to obtain a tracking number from the shipping company.  At Island Ship Center, we always email the tracking #’s to you for all packages sent out from our system.  Moreover, we keep records of all packages sent using our system for up to 90 days.  For drop offs, with prepaid labels, we do not have access to those tracking numbers so please make sure to keep a copy yourself. It’s best to just take a picture of the label with your smartphone before dropping off the package at our facility.

6) Make sure to return your item within the specified time period. After the holidays, many companies have extended return periods to allow for better customer service and happy clients.

I hope these tips help in making your returns easy and hassle-free. If you have any tips of your own, I would love to hear them. Just share them below in the comments.

Have a healthy and happy New Year, and, if you’re in the Northeast, stay warm and safe.

With effervescence and mirth,

Fahim M

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