Island Ship Center is raising the Canadian flag with special services for our Canadian Customers

When shopping for goodies online in the US, you can take advantage of so many of the FREE SHIPPING offers nowadays.

However, if you live in Canada and request the online retailer to ship to you, many won’t even oblige.

If they do happen to ship to Canada, then they will probably charge more for shipping than the actual item!

What can you do?

Enter our Parcel Holding Service for Canadians!  We will receive all your parcels at our location for a nominal fee and hold each parcel for up to a week until you’re ready to pick them up.

Many of you love to shop at the Boulevard Mall, the Fashion Outlets at Niagara Falls or The Walden Galleria.

We’re moments away from all three locations. So give us a call or click here for the details.

And be sure to tell all your friends.  Try us once and we aim to please with our service and a smile!

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