It’s been an interesting year, to say the least. Many plans for travel and tourism have been paused, if not canceled. This past year, many yearly visits to the Buffalo area were also part of these cancellations.

One of our clients, Mike, has a buddy in Hawaii that visits him every year, bringing goodies for Mike from the Hawaiian Islands and in exchange, enjoying Buffalo treats, including DiCamillo’s bread, while staying here. He also likes to take back many such goodies to Hawaii, to enjoy them there.

This year, Mike’s buddy was unable to travel and his palate really missed the tastes of Buffalo. He called Mike and asked if there was any way that to ship some items to Hawaii. Mike immediately contacted us, came by to obtain a packing and shipping estimate, and then went shopping for local eats.

A few days later, Mike came by with an entire care package ready to ship. We used our perishable packing boxes and packing expertise to try and insulate the items as best as possible for the long ride ahead.

Mike’s buddy received the items after three days and absolutely loved them. In fact he made a video showing his love. Here’s the link: Mike’s Buddy Enjoying a Sandwich from Buffalo

With effervescence, gratitude, and renewed optimism,

Fahim and Seema Mojawalla, Co-Owners

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