My wife and I pack & ship with a passion. We love what we do and receive great joy in helping others to pack & ship their valuable items to each respective destination, especially during the holiday season.

This week, I received a phone call from a client who was so happy that her daughter received all the cookies and candy (which we packed & shipped for her) safely and happily in Korea.  The young woman is teaching English in Korea and my client was so happy that everything was delivered in time for Christmas. By the way, I DID NOT EAT ANYTHING before packing these items. My wife was so proud of me (LOL)…

Candy and cookies packed and shipped to Korea

Last week, we also shipped some valuable Christmas dinnerware for a client to New Mexico. She was traveling there to be with her son at Christmas and did not want to take these special dishes on the plane. So, we helped out and made her day. 

Christmas dishes

Another cool packing project that made my week was a trophy case, complete with 3, valuable, signed footballs from the 1980’s.  One of these footballs was signed by Jim Kelly!


Signed footballs in trophy case

So, thank you again for your trust and Happy Holidays. We will be closing the store on Dec 24th at 1 PM & reopening again on Dec 26th at 8:30 AM. The extended hours end on Monday night. Stay happy, healthy, passionate & creative.

With effervescence and mirth,

Fahim M.


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