During our past holiday season, one of our part-time staff made a rare, inadvertent error on two packages. He placed two identical labels on two packages that were supposed to be sent to two different addresses.  This mistake is very rare and thus far, has only happened once in our store during the past 8 years.  Nonetheless, the situation has been corrected and both recipients have received their packages and are very happy.  In fact, one of the senders recently emailed me her long testimonial about this experience and I had to share with you all.

Please read what happened, in her own words:

The Saturday prior to Christmas ,the FedEx tracking Emails indicated my son received the package I sent as promised in 2 days- I texted him to be sure he did receive it. I was angry, shocked and so disappointed to learn -it was NOT what I had sent him, but someone else’s package!!
I immediately called the store, only to find out it had closed for the evening. I, of course, thought no one will want to talk with me- it was a few days before Christmas after all!

I then Emailed them. Within a few minutes, I had a return email, from Fahim.  Although I remained upset, I was pleasantly surprised at his immediate response, and genuine concern.  I felt we may be able to resolve the situation.

He proceeded to converse with me via Email that evening a few times. I was reassured he really did care about me and the situation. I went to the store the following day [Sunday].  Again his concern and promise to make things right, although I remained disappointed my son wouldn’t have his gifts, he reassured me this was as important to him, as it was to me. His determination, the ability to listen to my concerns and truly CARE about me, made a bad situation so much better. He offerred 3 times to replace the items. Partially because my items were not easily immediately replaceable, and also because I just had a positive feeling-I chose not to replace the items immediately. Only 2 days had passed.

With our calculations- there were only 2 other packages it could have gotten mixed up with. Fahim was not there when I brought my package in, so he could weed out the ones he did vs. those done by another worker. The first, Fahim checked into with the sender, and the proper items were received. The other was not due to be delivered on December 27th. By the evening of Monday Dec 23rd, I received great news . My son received my package! I let Fahim know, and he was as thrilled as I was. However – he still is following up on the box delivered mistakenly to my son. [That box has now been delivered to its rightful owner.]

Mistakes get made, especially during such a busy season! I have no doubt if the package had been shipped from anywhere else- I’d still be waiting for a reply to my Email!

Fahim did not try to to hide from an angry customer. He was honest, caring, concerned, and forthcoming. He apologized- which so many businesses don’t do when an error is made! I appreciate that!

By the time I saw him the morning after I contacted him- he and his wife, had an alternate plan for assuring this never happens again. He also told me he didn’t sleep half the night because he was so concerned over the situation!

Any business can make a mistake. Only a local business like Grand Island Shipping Center-that relies on their neighbors, and repeat customers, word of mouth, and testimonials- can provide the distinct personal service, exemplary commitment, and genuine caring that Fahim does at the Island Ship Center. Their service does not end when the postage is paid….but continues until the package is received!  -Roseann Kelly


Thank you, Roseann, for those kind and uplifting words.  I stand by my commitment to my clients and look forward to welcoming you and others to the store soon.

With effervescence & mirth,

Fahim Mojawalla

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