Each one of us is concerned about the growing thread of identity theft. Nowadays, It’s rampant like a virus. One of the ways to be proactive about it is to shred or destroy all documents that contain valuable information, like addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, phone numbers, and the like.  This process can be quite cumbersome, especially with so much paper from junk mail, forms and other sources.

If you have a shredder at home, it may not be sufficient to process large amounts of paper and expired credit cards.

That’s why we have made an arrangement with a local company to set up a shredding service on site. secure shreddingThis company has provided us with locked bins that we safely store in the back of our building, in our newly built warehouse space. At a specified time, the company sends a crew to come out to our location, pick up the bins, shred them on site in their state of their art recycling truck, and provide us with a certificate of destruction. My wife or I are completely witness to the entire process and once the documents enter the locked bins, they are not seen by anyone else except as shredded pulp.

This process is certified by all the major third party authorities and is also used by Catholic Health of Buffalo.

We charge 99 cents per pound to safely and painlessly take care of this growing need for you. Discounts are available for over 25 pounds.

I’m happy to add this service to our growing mix of offerings to the local GI & Western New York community.

With gratitude, effervescence and mirth,

Fahim Mojawalla

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