Broken robot being shipped to Wisconsin

A few weeks ago, I received a call from downtown Buffalo. The woman was in need of shipping a large robot back to the sender in Wisconsin. I asked for more details and she told me that it was originally purchased by the US Courts department for training purposes for parole officers. When they purchased it (for quite a large sum of money), it did not last the test of being shot at several times, let’s just say. So, the woman, a purchasing officer for the downtown courts department, called the manufacturer and requested a return on the item. The manufacturer told her that she could return the item, as long as she paid for the freight back to their Wisconsin facility. They also provided her very specific instructions for the return shipment, which needed to be packed as follows:

Shipping instruction from vendor are as follows: 
Must be palletized and shipped insured LTL – value $8300.00 
Unplug battery in robot – failure to do so can cause severe damage 
Thoroughly box the robot paying special attention to protecting the antenna on the top and the push/pull switch at the rear 
Securely strap the robot on the pallet, do not only rely o shrink wrap. 

Provide truck line PRO # when available. 

I told her that we would be happy to oblige her request. I set up a time to go see the item first; then, I went back two days later with my two sons, Junior & Yusuf, to pick up the robot, place it in our van and bring it back to our warehouse. We then began to pack it properly over the course of two days, thanks to Seema, who followed advice from our #FreightGuru Jeff Ballantyne.

Click here to see a photo collage of the entire pack job.

We used R&L Carriers for this shipment and they delivered on time in 2 days! Needless to say, our client at US Courts was quite happy and thankful and so were we, as we wrapped up another job that fit our mission to be #InTheBusinessOfMakingMemories

Thank you for your trust, business and kindness.

With gratitude, effervescence and civility,

Fahim Mojawalla, Co-Owner

Island Ship Center

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