We are an essential business and continue to be open

We are open during the pandemic and offer many social distancing options to take advantage of our services, including free delivery on the island and quick drop off packages from the back door. Stay safe everyone!

New updates

Updated Drop Off Procedures, Masks Now Required, Plus Screens on Our Counters


B&W 20¢/pg
Color 45¢/pg


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Island Ship Center
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Yes, we’re your authorized shipper for FedEx, USPS & UPS.
Save a trip off the island, stop at Island Ship Center.

Did you know…

We’ll send your luggage ahead.
One step closer to your relaxing vacation!
Travel Light… Ship Your Bags before Your Flight!


Let us work with you on your long-term projects. We have special, wholesale rates for contractors, architects and builders. Ask us about our blueprint specials. Send your blueprints for printing as PDFs via email to print@islandshipcenter.com


Perfect for Plumbers, Contractors, Gardeners, Landscapers, Painters and anyone in need of a simple and seamless paper invoicing system. We offer a 3-day turnaround time and can usually match most online discount pricing.


One of our specialties is making wedding invites. Come by and check out what we’ve done for others and look at the extensive selection of wedding card samples in stock! Let us make memories for your special day. 




If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from the inside.

Jim Kwik

Shipping Updates from the Carriers

Thank you again for your continued trust and adherence to the new guidelines for our store. Here are some more important updates from the various shipping carriers, for whom we are authorized to ship: 1) FedEx: A) As of June 1st, we will no longer provide FedEx...

Updated Drop Off Procedures, Masks Now Required, Plus Screens on Our Counters

For your convenience, and to enhance social distancing, we have added a prepaid drop off bin in the back of the building. If you drive to the back, using the bowling alley driveway, the door next to the dock door is clearly marked and open during regular business...

Six Feet Apart But In This Together

We wanted to take this time out to thank everyone who has continued to support our business during these challenging times, even from a distance. Your texts, messages, emails, phone calls, social distance hugs and love mean so much to us. THANK YOU! - Fahim, Seema and...

We Are An Essential Business and Continue to Remain Open During the Pandemic to Serve Your Emergency Needs

In the past two weeks, all of our lives have been completely changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing us to reflect, reorganize and remain indoors for most of the time. We are hearing many positive stories coming out of this seemingly depressing and negative state,...

Social Distancing – New Dropoff Procedures

Like all of you, we have spent the last few weeks trying to understand and plan for how the coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact our world. CDC.gov is an excellent website and recommends the following precautions: 1. Practice social distancing 2. Wash hands constantly...


Darcy Rogers

The service provided by Fahim Mojawalla and his helpers at Island Ship Center is superb. Trustworthy, highly competent and customer and community friendly – it is always a pleasure to do business with them.

Peggy Clarke

I dreaded boxing up and mailing packages until my family discovered the Island Ship Center. They make the process so easy by helping to box up and wrap items so that they arrive safely. The Island Ship Center has shipped many things for us including a full-size skeleton and fragile dog biscuits that have all reached their destination in perfect condition! The service is professional, fast and courteous—-we won’t go anywhere else!

Janet Goodsell

Since I first wandered into the Island Ship Center to ask for help with some small job like faxing a document, I have been greeted like an old friend. Fahim should (and does) give advice on succeeding in business, and he epitomizes customer service. Now I bring all my shipping and miscellaneous e-communication requests to Fahim and know it will be taken care of with his customary efficiency and enthusiasm.

Chris Klein

Absolutely the fastest and friendliest service anywhere. If you need to see a friendly face just stop by and say hello to Fahim and his team. Great service and products. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Kevin Buyer

Fahim knows exactly what you want and how to do it correctly. We never need to do anything but bring the package, Fahim brings the conversation and the service. Great place and great service.

Laura Gutt

Fahim goes OUT OF HIS WAY to make sure everything he does for you is right. Always a smile, a funny story, just plain all the time friendly. Sometimes when I am in the Post Office I have to stop myself from telling people with big packages to turn around and go to Island Ship Center, no lie.