The phrase, “How may I serve you today?” booms and beams from exuberant, outspoken Fahim–day in and day out. He lives to inspire, motivate, uplift, and rejuvenate; to make the mundane extraordinary by providing a remarkable experience at the “Spa of Shipping,” known as the Island Ship Center in Grand Island, New York, which he co-owns and operates with his wife, Seema, and their five children.

Fahim’s heart of service and community mindset are punctuated by his unparalleled personality that lights up a room and engages every single individual to be their best self. Whether he’s teaching a #FahimFix social media seminar at a national industry event, speaking at a local school, or working with a client one-on-one, he consistently leaves his audience energized and inspired.

Fahim was born in Mumbai, India, and moved with his family to New York City when he was three years old. He went to school in Long Island and graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2002 with an honors degree in Economics and a minor in Business Management. In 2005, he moved with his family of seven and mother to Grand Island where they’ve become pillars in its close-knit community.

As the effervescent co-owners of Island Ship Center–a successful, popular, experienced-based retail shipping outlet, business center, and unique gift store located ten minutes south of Niagara Falls–Fahim and Seema are very involved in their community. Fahim loves being able to live and work on Grand Island, and loves that he’s able to spend a lot of time with his kids during after-school activities. He shares a lot of motivational quotes through his Facebook and Instagram pages and uses plenty of hashtags to keep track of online activity, specifically #FahimFix #SpaOfShipping and #ExudeExcellence.

In 2016, Fahim was recognized for his involvement with the community by being awarded the Community Leadership award by the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce.

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When the Island Ship Center team needs a new idea, an out-of-the-box revelation, or a reality check, we turn to our co-owner, Seema Mojawalla. She has a unique viewpoint that is always fresh, forward-thinking, and focused. Her passionate dedication to family, colleagues, team members, industry leaders, and friends is pure, and she uplifts us all with her tenacious kindness and gentle spirit.

Seema has an eye for merchandising and a passion for finding the perfect products to sell at Seema Boutique, inside Island Ship Center, which she co-owns with her husband Fahim. Her retail prowess prompted her fellow colleagues to dub her #QueenOfRetail, which we all thought sounded more appropriate than #AnchorToFahimsBalloonString.

The oldest of five girls, Seema was born and raised in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Seema completed her education abroad in foreign languages. She and Fahim met on a blind date arranged by her cousin in 1996; shortly thereafter, they got married and now they have five children.

Seema worked full time as a stay-at-home-parent until fully coming on board with Fahim at Island Ship Center in 2013. Every year since, Seema has been credited with increasing sales in the store through her merchandising and sourcing skills. And if co-owning a popular, growing, busy retail shipping spa, raising five exceptional children, and volunteering on an industry non-profit board weren’t enough, Seema also makes her unique line of exceptional body care products known as Seema’s Naturals, which she sells in the store and online.

With energy, talent, and an ability to stay calm in the midst of seeming chaos (or during one of Fahim’s histrionic conference speeches), Seema’s unique visionary approach to in-store design, product placement, and bold new profit centers allows her to sparkle and shine as our fearless ISC leader.

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