Package Receiving Services

Island Ship Center Package Delivery & Hold ServiceWorried about theft from your front porch? Work outside the home? Live in Canada and need US Delivery?

Sometimes it can be difficult to coordinate package delivery.

Let Us Help! [Stop those porch pirates from taking your valuable packages from your front doors!]

Take advantage of Island Ship Center’s Package Delivery & Hold Service.

It’s this easy…
Have your package delivered to our location.
At your convenience within a week, pick up your package at Island Ship Center.

We make it easy, Package Delivery & Hold!

We force no memberships and offer a safe, secure, inexpensive way to receive your orders.

Charges for Package Delivery & Hold Service

  • Up to 40 pounds – US $5.00 per parcel per week [Dimensional weight formula will apply when calculating the weight; so, if your package is larger than 40 lbs using dimensional weight (according to this formula: L x W x H / 136), then we will charge $10 per parcel per week.
  • Over 40 pounds – US $10 per parcel per week

How it Works

  1. Order your item and have it shipped to you c/o Island Ship Center at the address below:
    Ship To: [YOUR NAME]
    C/O Island Ship Center
    1879 Whitehaven Road
    Grand Island, NY 14072
  2. Once your parcel ships, email your tracking number to us at shop[at]
  3. We will use the tracking number to look for your package.
  4. When your package arrives, we’ll send you an email to come to Island Ship Center to pick it up.
  5. We will hold each of your parcels for up to 1 week, safely and securely. After 1 week, we will continue to charge $5.00 PER WEEK for each package until it is picked up. [For example, If your package is held for 8 days, then the charge will be $5.00 to pick up and weekends (including Sundays) count when calculating our pickup charge.]
  6. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT PACKAGES VIA USPS EXCEPT FOR OUR MAILBOX CLIENTS. We require a FORM 1583 on File in order to accept mail or parcels delivered from the US Postal Service; in order to do that, you must have a private mailbox set up with us. It’s quite easy an convenient to do that, though, so check out the details here.

Call, email or stop by the shop to learn more about our per package Package Hold Service.