In addition to being an awesome store manager and an outstanding graphic designer, Theresa D. also serves as the official ISC family healer. Seema said it best when she exclaimed one day, “Theresa, you just fix people!”

Theresa is a listener, a smiler, an altruist, a deeply affectionate mother, and a kind soul. To know her is deeply rejuvenating for the mind, body, and spirit. We are honored to have her on our team full-time in 2020. Theresa worked part-time at ISC from 2015-2018, took a break to pursue her other passions, and is now fully on board managing our team’s design, print, and beautification projects. Everyone agrees at Island Ship Center that we vote for #TeamTheresa!

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#AmbitiousAllyson (AKA #AskJarvis)


Allyson is a true gift to our ISC family. She joined at the end of summer 2020 and was also given the dually daunting task of transforming into Fahim’s personal assistant, a job she did so well that her official hashtag has changed from #AmbitiousAllyson to #AskJarvis!

Keeping Fahim organized and on schedule for every meeting is no small feat, but Allyson does this while maintaining a full-time schedule as a sophomore at Daemen College! Her passion is helping others and her dream is to pursue a PhD in Physical Therapy so she can ultimately make an impact on the lives of others by servicing their physical ailments.

Her meticulous nature and attention to detail also enable Allyson to be an integral part of our ISC digital marketing team, in which she makes time to write blog posts, upload pics to Instagram, and coordinate a plethora of meetings between Fahim and his social media network.

Allyson is a former hockey, softball and basketball player who loves to spend time with friends and family and go to the gym. We even don’t mind that she’s a huge Detroit Red Wings fan. She loves working with our ISC family because, in her own words, “It truly does feel like my second family and I always look forward to going to work!”

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Anthony’s warm smile and affable demeanor greet all guests as they walk through our doors. His friendly charm and creative assistance linger even after our guests leave, allowing him to ameliorate all aspects of our business.

An outstanding soccer player who enjoys boxing just as much, Anthony is also responsible for most of the video content on our social media platforms. His ability to document happenings at ISC in real time and engage with team members allow our social media presence to be as authentic, relevant, and engaging as possible.

Although only a junior in high school and one of the more younger members of our ISC family (Anthony joined in January 2020), Anthony has quickly grasped the most challenging aspects of shipping, digital marketing, and mailbox services.

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Brooke loves spending quality time with her family and friends. She enjoys being outdoors, whether it’s playing sports or going on adventures. But, soccer is her passion! Something unique about her is her faith, which always gives her a positive and determined mindset.





Joe loves Star Wars and seems like a “Jedi” in real life, so his #JediJoe hashtag really fits him! He’s a third degree black belt in karate, an avid runner, and a dedicated student. He’s always willing to help everyone on the team and makes a wonderful addition to our ISC family.

Full of collaboration, empathy, and grit, Joe leads the way with digital mailboxes, ecommerce fulfillment, and cross border logistics. He said it best when asked about his life’s goal: “I’m always searching for ways to expand my horizons and knowledge in the pursuit of helping those in my life and in the community!”

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Jordan has an innate ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face. She’s a sophomore at D’Youville College in the Exercise and Sports Science program, and plans to continue after to get her doctorate in Physical Therapy. She also enjoys playing soccer and lacrosse. She’s been working at the Island Ship Center for a little over a year now and feels that she’s found her second family!

Jordan’s smile radiates every room that she enters and her enthusiasm permeates everyone’s soul. She exudes a love of learning and as a result, in such a short amount of time, she has grasped most of the challenging aspects of ISC happenings.

Jordan’s retail prowess shines through with every guest interaction behind the counter, as she efficiently manages to convey a deep knowledge of shipping and printing, while maintaining composure, empathy and full collaboration. She loves coming to “work” and is always willing to lend a helping hand to every ISC family member that needs it. Fahim and Seema both credit Jordan for making ISC an even better place to work because of her presence!

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After spending a few years in Texas and in Europe, Musa recently moved back home to Western New York and joined our ISC family in October of 2020 as a full-time warehouse manager.

An avid athlete with a passion for restoring cars and motorcycles, Musa’s smile and gracious nature complement our team with effective skills in our warehouse and a diligent work ethic.

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Yusuf is an essential part of our ISC family; not only is he Fahim and Seema’s 3rd child, he is the unofficial sibling to everyone in our family-style workplace. Even Jordan and Allyson agree that he’s so much fun to pick on, just like their real brothers at home.

Yusuf graduated from Grand Island High School in 2018, with an honors Regents Diploma, after playing 2 years of Varsity Soccer, and is currently pursuing his Business Administration degree at Medaille College as a junior.

Yusuf’s keen eye for finances and accounting, along with an inherent ability to listen to others allows him to impart wisdom to everyone at ISC, including his parents, who sometimes don’t realize that relevance means marketing to Yusuf’s demographic and not necessarily their own.

Yusuf stays calm in the face of adversity and has learned many valuable lessons throughout working in his family’s business from a young age. His collaborative style and resilient optimism shine through, especially when our team meetings get overly passionate, AKA heated!

Yusuf hopes to take over his parent’s business someday and increase exposure of ISC to a national (if not international) level.

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