Danielle moved to Sanford, Florida from Western New York some years ago. Her father has passed away and some time ago, her mother was diagnosed with dementia. Now, her mother lives with Diane in Sanford. Before completing the sale of her mother’s house, Diane asked her long time family friend, Mary Ann (who lives on the Island and is a client of ours), to safely take out an Amish rocking chair and put it aside to ship out to her later. Mary Ann approached us some weeks back and asked us to price out the packing and shipping of the chair. We went back and forth with pricing options and finally, Danielle confirmed to Mary Ann that the chair was valuable enough to her to have it safely shipped to Florida. It reminded her of her childhood.

We used a trucking company to safely transport the chair via LTL freight down to Florida. It took several hours to pack the chair, so that there would be no harm during transit.

Once the chair arrived at Danielle’s door, she called Mary Ann and excitedly exclaimed, “Its beautiful; it now sits in my Daddy’s room and they packed it so well, they can even ship my baby to me!”

We were truly honored and grateful and took a video of Mary Ann quoting Danielle’s comments.

Every time Danielle goes into the room with the chair, she is reminded of her childhood with her daddy. We are so happy to have made this memory for her and thank her for allowing us to be of service.

Here are some photos of the chair being packed for safe transport (there are many factors that go into packaging and we take classes every year to make sure we are aware of all the different requirements for handling, dimensions, packing materials, etc.):

We are very happy to be of service! -Fahim & Seema Mojawalla, Co-Owners, Island Ship Center, #SpaOfShipping

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