In continuing with our mission to make memories for our guests and clients, we’d like to highlight a recent pack job for one of our dear fans. She came in wanting to pack and safely ship out 43 glasses, which belonged to her mother, and passed down through generations of her family.

Her relative in Florida did not think it could be done without damaging the fragile items. We assured her that we would take care of packing these pieces as if they were our own!

Even though we cannot fully guarantee that damage will not occur, we go through great lengths to package fragile items, like glass, china and especially heirlooms, in such a manner that damage to them would be quite difficult.

She knew that she was trusting her beloved pieces to the right people and we were honored, grateful and of course, nervous.

We carefully bubble wrapped each individual glass piece multiple times using the thicker wrap available. We then covered the thicker wrapped piece with one thin layer of green bubble wrap. Then, we carefully placed each wrapped piece inside one box. When that box was filled, we put it inside another box, a technique commonly known as double-boxing, which allows for the impact from shipping on the outer box and less on the inner box that has the contents.

Each inner box was also filled with packing peanuts to allow for comfort and cradling of the bubble wrapped glasses during transit, thereby minimizing further risk of any damage.

When the items were delivered, Vivian sent us  a heartfelt message privately on Facebook and joyously exclaimed, “Hi Fahim and Seema!  The antique wine glasses arrived in Florida in picture perfect shape! Thank you for all the love and attenion you brought to transporting these delicate family heirlooms! Love, Vivian”

It’s so gratifying to receive heartfelt messages like this. It allows us to continue to serve, with joy and empathy, making the mundane extraordinary and providing unforgettable memories for people.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we do every day.

Fahim & Seema Mojawalla

Co-Owners, Island Ship Center

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