Recently, I received a call from Florida about a damaged package. The caller’s sister had sent out the package from our store without using our packaging services. That’s OK and we don’t expect everyone to use these services. However, the package contained irreplaceable, fragile glassware, which belonged to the sisters’ late father and needless to say, the items were not packed sufficiently to withstand transit, and two of the items broke.

Broken teapot and saucers

My client’s sister in Florida regretted that our expert packaging service had not been used and called to tell me so over the phone, after discussing claim procedures for one of the carriers.

So please, let us pack your fragile items and avoid the headaches of receiving damaged items at the recipient’s end, especially if those items have high sentimental value and cannot be replaced.

With gratitude and effervescence,

Fahim Mojawalla

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