Our new neighbor and dear friend, Ellen DeNormand, will be opening her bakery, Momma De’s Mixing Bowl, on Sunday (April 2nd) at 8 AM. In the beginning months, she will start with baked goods and breakfast items such as muffins, breads, breakfast cups, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and the like. Ellen will be using family recipes for her tasty treats.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday hours will be 7am-5pm, Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 8am-2pm. The bakery will be closed on Wednesdays. Ellen and her husband David have spent the last two months remodeling the space that will be decorated with photographs for purchase from Michael Cancilla, Barbara Lynch-Johnt and Jim Neiss. Mondays are going to be dedicated to the Grand Island/WNY Miracle League, with a percentage of sales donated each week. (Thank you to IsleDeGrande.com for publishing this story first.)

In order to accommodate for any physically challenged individuals, Ellen has successfully arranged to have a handicap-accessible entrance in her bakery, complete with a walk-up ramp to her front door.

11 years ago (on April 5th, 2006), I began my journey as a small business owner by opening Island Ship Center.  I am truly elated that Ellen is beginning her journey now, in the same month as I did back then. She and I share the same address as well as the same building; her entrance is located adjacent to mine, in the center part of our white building.

I encourage all of you to support her business as you have done mine.

She is an outstanding person, a phenomenal mother and a stellar baker.

Ellen and I look forward to your visit very soon; and remember, please bring a friend or family member.

With gratitude, effervescence and civility,

Fahim Mojawalla

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