More Shipping and Store Procedure Updates

Thank you again for your continued trust and adherence to the new guidelines for our store. Here are some important developments in our business that deserve your attention:

1) DHL:

A) As of June 1st, we are no longer accepting any DHL packages for shipment.

B) We have terminated our relationship with DHL and will only ship internationally via FedEx or USPS.

2) Drop Off Receipts:

A) As of this week, we have started to provide drop off receipts for all packages again. Please note, as a reminder, we CANNOT accept any AMAZON packages with a QR CODE. Those packages have to be taken to a UPS Store facility; the closest UPS store is in Niagara Falls, in the Wegmans Plaza on Military Road. If your package has a pre-printed UPS label, we will gladly accept it.

B) If you can’t print out your label, we will be more than happy to use our printing service to print out your label for you. We only charge $2.00 for this service. Please come in the store and we will guide you through this easy procedure.

3) FedEx:

A) As of June 1st, we are no longer providing FedEx Express air waybills in our store for you to fill out and ship using your account number. You are more than welcome to use your account number to ship via FedEx Ground or FedEx Express by processing the package online and bringing it in our store as a prepaid drop-off. If you have a pre-printed label on your phone or computer, you can use our printing service to print out the label as well. Thank you for your understanding.

B) Transit times continue to be longer than normal for all carriers, including FedEx. As of this writing, the ground and express guarantees are not in effect.

With resilience, optimism, gratitude, empathy and full collaboration,

Fahim, Seema and the entire Island Ship Center Team
Island Ship Center
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