For a number of years now, I’ve had the great privilege of guest presenting to University of Iowa students. It’s an occasion I look forward to with excitement, always coming away more inspired by them than they know.

Recently, I had this privilege again. This year’s conversation focused on the gifts we’re given.
Every single human is imbued with uniqueness, talents, strengths, and weaknesses, that are
wholly their own. It’s what makes each individual special.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to realize and reflect on what my own gifts are and to
lean in to them, which has allowed me to live better as a person, be a bigger help to others, and
also not waste too much energy on things I shouldn’t be focusing on.

When we realize our own gifts and empower them, we have the blessing of realizing others’ gifts as well and consequently empowering them to be embraced. This is how powerful, brilliant, top-notch teams are built. This is how successful partnerships work—whether in business, home life, or other areas.

In our conversation, we emphasized gratitude. Without gratitude, we’ll get nowhere in life, in
business, or in any place. Yes, we may have superficial success, but it will be at the expense of
others. Gratitude allows us to have true success that uplifts and includes others.

I told the students that I don’t have time for negativity and I don’t have time for toxicity. When
asked about how we deal with difficult guests, I shared that we encourage them to go to other
local options that we know aren’t anywhere close to our level of service. Sometimes people
need that lesson in order to appreciate what we offer. Don’t just say that you’re excellent, but
rather show that you’re excellent.

I’ve learned so much in my 18 years in business and am so grateful now to be able to share
lessons, inspiration, hard truths, and gratitude with others through opportunities like this and
through coaching and consulting in our industry. This is my gift and I’m doing my best to
embrace it.

Thank you to my dear friend and mentor, Michael Petkewec, Program Specialist, Recruitment,
The University of Iowa, for asking me back year after year. Speaking to these students is an
honor, but even more so is what I learn from them each time I’m able to be given this amazing
platform. This is truly a gift I’ve been given.
Please watch the full video here.

Fahim Mojawalla is the Motivation and Mission Lead at AYM High Consultants. He loves what he
does and would love to show you how to make 21st century sales and marketing easy, simply
by being authentic, appreciative, respectful, responsive, empathetic, collaborative, and all-
around awesome. Along with his wife Seema, he is an effervescent co-owner of Island Ship Center,
the Spa of Shipping. #FahimFix

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