Seema and I have been married for almost 25 years (since Sept 1996). For 15 of those years, I have repeatedly asked her to give me permission to skydive. And, just like clockwork, she has repeatedly and emphatically said, “No!”  

This past February, as a surprise to her for our upcoming 25th Anniversary, I took her to Los Cabos, Mexico. It was a magical vacation, not only because it was with my beloved life partner, but also because it was the first vacation she and I took in 15 years. For those who wrongly think that running one’s own business is glamorous, let this anecdote be a lesson that it is definitely not.

During the seven day “second honeymoon” trip in the enchanted city of Los Cabos, Seema and I felt truly energized, rejuvenated and loved. We explored the city, ate from different restaurants and took part in many fun adventures, all while observing strict COVID guidelines and procedures. One of these outings included a bungee jumping adventure, in which Seema and I did not intend to participate. However, after finishing the zip lining and the four wheel ATV rides in the same park, our guide, Marcel, suggested that one of us should go Bungee Jumping, since it was included in the price of our paid ticket. I looked at Seema, with hopeful cat-like eyes, knowing full well that she would say no. After all, bungee jumping is more dangerous than skydiving by all accounts so there was no way…well, in the moment of the fun and adventurous trip, she actually agreed to let me go! 

Incredulous, I still did not ask again. I just went with the entire moment and proceeded to get my gear on with the help of my instructor, Patrick, who would accompany me to a gondola in the middle of a ravine, suspended 350 feet up in the air, from where I would jump, held on by only two harnesses on my legs. After quitting seven times (in my mind), I proceeded to complete this jump, after which Seema happily exclaimed, “I only said yes so that you would get it out of your system and never ask me to skydive ever again.” I quickly agreed. This experience was both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, and I’m truly happy that I did it. Please don’t expect me to go skydiving any time soon, though. 

This past week, I wanted to surprise Seema for Mother’s Day so I shared footage from Los Cabos with Anthony, who helped make this video for me to surprise my awesome wife, who is the mother of our five children and a mother to most of our ISC family. It’s a thank you for putting up with me all these years and a tribute to her dedication, in marriage, famly and work. Island Ship Center and the Mojawallas are truly thankful for Seema. Please enjoy this short video and let me know your thoughts:

With incessant gratitude, on behalf of a surprised Seema and the entire Island Ship Center family,

Fahim Mojawalla, Co-owner

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