We can’t recall a freight job that wasn’t a success story, but there’s one we did earlier this month that we are so excited to share with you, because the results were so spectacular:

Bill, a long-time business client of ours, reached out on February 28th with an urgent need for trade show materials to be palletized and shipped to a convention center in Phoenix with guaranteed delivery in a tight window between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. on March 8. The contents were five boxes between 80 and 110 pounds each and a few smaller boxes that were 30-75 pounds each. Timing was critical, and the time crunch was very real!

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Our team got on the job fast and we reached out to contacts we have to find the best solution. Palletizing superstar Sal, freight specialist Seema, and the rest of our available team were able to work hard and fast to get all of the boxes palletized, wrapped, labeled, and secured onto three pallets. We used our partnership with a specialized freight broker to find the best LTL service to meet the needs of this shipment. We arranged a pickup right away and shipped the pallets out to Phoenix as soon as we could.

The shipment was delivered right on time, allowing Bill and his team to have a successful trade show.

Bill messaged us the following, which totally made our day: “Finally have receiver confirmation that everything arrived! Thank you for your great work and follow-through!”

Palletized freight is just one of the many services we provide at Island Ship Center (ISC) and it’s an area that is always rewarding, probably because it can be so challenging. We aim to help our guests and clients find the best solution in any situation, and in this one, when all other avenues seemed as if they may be dead ends, we were able to help Bill get his important materials to Phoenix on target, on time, and on demand. 

We are so grateful for Bill’s trust in us, and our trusted partners who were able to help us get this task completed above and beyond expectation.

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