A few weeks ago, Paula, a woman from New York City, contacted us to ask if we shipped estates. We replied, “Of course!” She then told us how Mady, her boss, had grown up on Grand Island, moved to New York City, and her mother had recently passed away after battling cancer for 20 years. Mady wanted her mom’s things safely packed and shipped to her home in Southampton, Long Island.

Mady has a 10 month old daughter, who never got to see her grandmother and Mady wanted to safely transport her mom’s items to her new home in order to preserve them for her own daughter.

In June, our team worked tirelessly for three days on site, at Mady’s father’s home on Grand Island, picking up boxes, furniture and valuable mementos, packing them and safely bringing them to our warehouse as well as to a nearby storage facility.

We then shipped half the items and after a few weeks, in late July, rented a U-Haul to physically transport the remaining items to Mady’s doorstep in Southampton. Fahim and our two sons physically made the trip and Mady was overjoyed.

She then paid for flights back to Buffalo and the three of them came back rejuvenated and satisfied that we all helped make memories for life for a dear guest, who now has become part of our Island Ship Center family!

It’s moments like these that make us truly full of life, by helping others complete their own lives. Our business and our services are there to enrich the lives of others, to fulfill a need, to make them feel complete again after the loss of a loved one.

We are truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to other similar ones in the future. This “white glove” service, as it’s commonly known, is used by many people who are looking to transport valuable items, like artwork, antiques or irreplaceable household mementos that contain memories for them. Let us assist you with those needs as well.

As usual, we remain committed to being of service to you and your families.

With gratitude, resilience, optimism, collaboration and empathy,

Fahim, Seema, and the Entire Island Ship Center Team.