As a conscious start to our year, some members of the Island Ship Center family had the opportunity to be vulnerable and share their personal aspirations and business prospects. We were able to sit down and discuss our goals in pursuit of inspiring and provoking mindfulness. Here’s what a few of us had to say:

                                       #FahimFix & #FulfilmentSpecialist

We started off with the beloved father and son duo, Fahim and Yusuf. Fahim’s professional New Year’s resolution is to increase the efficiency and diversity of departments at the Island Ship Center. Another important resolution for him is to empower our team members to do their work at a level of excellence. On a personal level, he is determined to stay out of people’s affairs and only speak on a matter when spoken to. Their professional resolutions aligned when Yusuf mentioned the word patience. Both agreed that patience is the key to achieving your goals. Without patience, consistency is almost impossible, and consistency is required to achieve anything. Yusuf’s personal resolution is to focus more on school and to do one good service per month. He also mentioned that he wants to write in the daily gratitude journal that has been given to each ISC team member. Professionally, Yusuf would like to be more present and involved at the Island Ship Center.


                                       #MindfulMusa & #AskJarvis 

When Musa and Allyson were asked about their New Year’s resolutions, they both had a similar outlook on the big picture of their goals. Musa had a wholesome approach to his resolutions; instead of focusing on one goal, he is committed to working on many smaller resolutions that cover all aspects of his life. He is continuing to develop positive habits while getting rid of negative ones. Allyson’s resolution is to focus on improving her day to day routine as opposed to having one main resolution. She stated that it takes little steps to make a big change in yourself. She would also like to grow relationships and serve her community more!

                                             Seema and Jordan

                                    #SeemaSolves & #GeniusJordan    

In Seema and Jordan’s heartwarming conversation, they talked about their professional and personal resolutions. Seema wants to spend more time with her family, especially Yusuf. She jokingly said that Yusuf is the baby of their house and he needs food all the time! She is also determined to make exceptional progress with Seema’s Boutique and Naturals! Jordan is set on holding herself accountable with physical exercise and nutrition. At ISC, she would like to become more confident in her knowledge and gain more experience.

                                               Theresa and Joe

                                          #DesignDiva & #JediJoe

Last but definitely not least, Theresa and Joe talked about their aspirations for the new year. Theresa’s personal resolution is to be more patient with her kids at home. Professionally, she would like to further expand our print and graphic design department and also help with Seema’s Naturals. Joe is committed to being more physically active, especially being so focused on running. He brought up the importance of staying active despite gyms being closed. Running is a great way to do that while breathing fresh air and clearing your mind. He would also like to gain more confidence in his role at ISC and branch out to help others.

You can watch the entire video on our YouTube channel and let us know what you think. What are some of your goals for this year and how do you plan on sticking to them?

With much gratitude and inspiration,

Fahim & Seema Mojawalla, Co-Owners

Island Ship Center #SpaOfShipping