Darcy is a dear guest of the Island Ship Center. She has seen us grow through the years and loves all the services we offer. Her son in California was recently due for a promotion in the Navy and the ceremony (known as a Navy Pinning) was scheduled for Friday afternoon in mid September. As a mom, Darcy was extremely elated for her son; however, she was very saddened that she could not be there to witness the ceremony.

She asked her daughter in law what gift would make his day, to which came a quick response, “Paula’s Donuts. He just loves the taste of home.” 

So, Darcy came a few days before the ceremony and asked us if we could ship two dozen of these treats overnight to her son, in time for the ceremony. There were many obstacles that we would have to get through, but we assured her 100% calculated effort and our complete expertise.

Darcy arrived on Thursday (two weeks ago), the day before the ceremony, with two dozen fresh donuts from Paula’s, individually wrapped inside the donut boxes. We took the treats, safely wrapped them up in cushioned boxes and sent them off their way.

They arrived safely, to an extremely warm and jovial welcome. Her son absolutely loved them. It ALMOST made up for mom not being there.

A week later, Darcy came by with a thank you card and a dozen donuts from Paula’s just for us! We were so honored and grateful to be of service during this memorable time.

Darcy’s sentiments in her card made this entire shipping project worthwhile:

“Thank you so very much Fahim [and Seema] for your help in getting 2 dozen donuts all the way to Scott in California. They made it in good shape, in good time – and succeeded in their good purpose of celebrating such a good moment in my son’s life! He was really surprised and pleased…which was my goal. I couldn’t have done it without your help and I so appreciate your advice & input. You & your staff are such a positive addition to the community of Grand Island. Thanks for all you do:  Excellent service and I don’t know how you remember everyone’s names?! Amazing!”

We are so grateful to Darcy for her trust, enthusiasm, and business.

With gratitude, effervescence, and a collaborative spirit,

Fahim & Seema Mojawalla, Co-Owners

Island Ship Center

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