Every two months, we hold a detailed team meeting for our entire Island Ship Center family. We usually request a special guest speaker to come and motivate our team before the meeting. This past month, we were honored to host Vienna Laurendi Haak, an award winning realtor from Howard Hanna Real Estate, who’s also a dear friend and mentor. She inspired our team with valuable life lessons and made our meeting that much more enjoyable. 

Whether it’s real estate or any other business, Vienna mentioned, creating daily positive habits will set anyone up for success. She also talked about how to deal with jealousy, how to deal with negative people and situations, how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and many other secrets to happiness. 

Her inspiring talk lasted for almost an hour and our team had brilliant questions for her as well. Our team members get maximum benefit from seeing successful business people practice ethical standards in the workplace and gain even more success than when cutting corners. What’s more, they see people like Vienna balancing a successful career with an equally successful home life, as a mother, life partner and community leader. 

In this video, Anthony has captured the gist of her speech and we can’t wait to welcome Vienna back to uplift and rejuvenate our team once more.

With renewed vigor and incessant gratitude,
Fahim and Seema Mojawalla,