This year, my wife is merchandising for the gift section of the store and it’s going quite well.

We have started to sell a lot of greeting cards as a convenience, so she decided to add some St Patrick’s Day cards too (Mother’s Day cards coming soon).

Irish Greeting Cards

Well, then, she opted to add some Irish gifts on our existing gift rack, which is normally reserved for sports gifts. Considering that we are Indian & not Irish, I think she did well in sourcing the gifts from someone who knows a bit more about Irish culture & heritage than we do (see image below):

Irish Cap on Yankees Rack

Finally, she also purchased a headless mannequin for the store, who is now fully clothed and has an Irish winter hat on. She stands by the door, welcoming our clients, as if smiling with full joviality. However, she does NOT have a name yet. We are thinking Patty or Sally or Kelly, but have not decided.  Any suggestions? Come by and say hello to her (and to us too).

ISC Store Mannequin with Shamrock Winter Cap

Thank you again for your support and warmth during this seemingly “Never Ending Winter.”

With effervescence and mirth,

Fahim Mojawalla

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