A few years ago, Amanda Kaiser was completing her Master’s Degree and needed urgent printing for her thesis. Her printer ran out and she contacted me with the issue. I was happy to be of service during her time of need. Fast forward to early 2017 and Amanda is now getting married! She sent her mother, Sally, to come see me with a situation:  If they could have Amanda’s wedding card designed elsewhere, could I print it out for them, using the specs from the designer? My wife Seema & I took on this project in late February with courage and nervousness.

Many emails were sent back and forth, from us to the bride to be, the designer, the mother of the bride to be, etc. Fonts were changed, then tweaked, then changed again, then finally approved. Halfway into the project, we were honored to be asked to complete the addressing of each envelope and RSVP card.

The Kaisers sent us an Excel file with all the names and addresses of the recipients. Seema used her mail merge skills to print out each individual envelope in the correct font that was finally picked for this invitation project.

Sally was delighted, having found a partner for the wedding project, rather than a vendor.

We asked for her testimonial and this was her response:

We are so pleased with the amazing wedding invitations Fahim and Seema printed and facilitated for us. They went above and beyond helping with many aspects of the creation process. Island Ship Center saved us money but even more important is the care and commitment they provided. Excellent in every aspect of the work they provided!

In addition to saving the Kaisers time and hassle, we were able to provide a memory for a lifetime; that is truly priceless and gratifying.

With gratitude, effervescence and civility,

Fahim Mojawalla

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