Spring is finally here, after an unprecedented winter. We have sporadic sun here amidst clouds in WNY but at least spring break is upon us for grade school students in the area.

Many people have begun traveling and you know I always like to advise shipping bags before your flight; but, if you have to take bags with you, make sure they are NOT overweight!  You will end up waiting in line, only to find out that there are excess fees if you don’t take out stuff from your overweight luggage.

We have a free service for all our clients going to the airport: just stop by at the Island Ship Center and weigh your luggage before the flight, using our calibrated, professional scales for FREE!


Our scales are a bit more accurate than your average bathroom scale and don’t worry, they are only here for packages and NOT people!

Safe travels if you’re leaving and thank you again for your trust.

With effervescence and mirth,

Fahim Mojawalla

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