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In 2018, Linda emailed us from Virginia about an online auction listing for a dining table set that was being sold here on Grand Island. This table matched the one Linda grew up with as a child and it reminded her of her childhood memories. We went to the house to provide an estimate for shipping the table. The negotiation did not go through. Fast forward to 15 months later, and Linda emailed us again that the seller put the table on the market again and was willing to accept Linda’s previous offer. Right after the new year, we went to pick up the set from the Grand Island house, brought it back to our warehouse, packed it safey for shipping via LTL freight (truck shipment), and sent it off to Virginia. In two days, Linda received it safely at her doorstep and was thrilled. She emailed us that the packaging was impeccable. We told her that we packed her table as if it were our own, knowing full well how important it was to her to preserve this memory from her childhood. We’re truly thankful to be in the business of making, preserving and sharing memories. We’re truly grateful for this trust.

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With effervescence, gratitude, and a collaborative spirit,

Fahim & Seema Mojawalla, Co-Owners

Island Ship Center

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